Personaje destacado: Bordalo II

The author of the street appearance is the Portuguese artist Bordalo II (Lisbon, 1987), who describes this type of installations as "collages of objects". Although his works are attached to a wall, they always have protruding elements, residues and junk that he finds in the (almost always abandoned) places where he works. The spray does the rest, the combination causes the viewer to forget for a moment that he is before a pile of debris. He chose Bordalo II as the stage name to make it clear that he is the second artist in the family. The first place is for Real Bordalo (1925), his grandfather "and good friend", painter landscape painter delivered to capture the melancholy beauty of Lisbon. "It was a school for me, and although today I get different influences and look for my own way, my work still runs through my veins."

"A proper interpretation of the urban landscape" In figurative style, always seeks "a proper interpretation of the urban landscape". He always goes with "one or two sketches" prepared, then try various combinations of "until I find a good position for them. That may take a day or a week." Already has spread through Lisbon 10 giant animals and about 100 smaller and created on canvas. In addition to their representations of parrots, fish, bees or grasshoppers is also launched to represent vehicles in perspective, environmental visions of a city, deconstructed scenes ...

Trash is not just an artistic choice or "a way to recycle," but a "critique" of our endless desire to "have nice things" without considering that these ephemeral objects will be part of the huge dump we all build. "The world has gone crazy," says Bordalo II, who considers the fauna of our planet the great "victims of human acts."

Among his recent works, the artist shows a special affection for an installation entitled The Gift to Mother Nature, a call to reflection on what we are "giving" to the Earth: an overflow container of trash bags that the author Converts with red paint and a cardboard loop into a heartbreaking gift.

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